A68 Cafe Extension and Glamping Site

Reed Studio were originally approached to design a new glamping site at A68 Cafe in County Durham. When the client knew Reed Studio offered architectural services as well, they asked if Reed Studio could help with their cafe expansion too. Reed Studio managed to get planning approval for a glamping site for 10 units including a central kitchen shelter and seating area, a cafe extension doubling the size of the existing cafe covers, a worker's accommodation and 2-bed holiday-let located above the new cafe extension.

The project concept was landscape-led and based on capturing rain water and reducing the developments water run-off to either the mains sewer or onto the A68 highway. Reed Studio designed mini rain gardens to each glamping unit and designed for new rain gardens to the cafe, two at the new cafe entrance, and two at the new external seating area, all capturing roof water run-off from the building.

The cafe architecture was driven by its countryside setting taking cues from local vernacular.