A message from Reed Studio in response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak


Whilst we batten down the hatches here at Reed Studio, as do you at home, we hope that this time of quarantine may be a time of creativity for us all. To whet your appetite here are a few examples…


"The infamous apple falling moment when Isaac Newton began to formulate the law of gravity occurred during an outbreak of the bubonic plague when Cambridge University temporarily shut its doors and he retreated to his countryside home.


Likewise outbreaks of the plague caused the Globe Theatre in London to shut for a staggering 78 months and caused people to isolate themselves from one another out of necessity. It is said that Shakespeare may have written his most striking of works including Macbeth, Antony and Cleopatra and King Lear in these times of lockdown".


Ok that may be a little too much pressure (writing legendry plays and forging the ways of science) however it is true to say that idle moments and we are resting, our brains are at their most innovative state. So now is the time to let your mind wander and daydream...and when you’re done if it’s about your house or garden and farm diversification project, then give us a call! We await some big ideas whether it be a glamping motel, an old cow barn moo-tel, a mindful forest retreat, a snug extension or reworking of the house to create another room (to escape from the rest of the quarantined family) we have our sketch pens at the ready.


We are remote working at home and just as productive as always. Reed Studio had already begun to use digital technology before the outbreak to reduce journey times and we are now utilising it to its full potential. Modern technology allows us to share drawings, discuss ideas and brainstorm just as easily as if we were sitting in the same room with either person taking control of the mouse.


Whist we may not be able to visit you face to face we are coming up with ways to survey your property at a distance or if it is deemed safe and current government guidelines allow, we can visit. the advice is constantly changing and we are evolving with it.


Stay safe and creative.